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Over the years we have learned to select and expect only top-quality, especially when it comes to online content. This makes ‘top’ one of the most common words in the search and the subject of various tools and platforms dedicated to data charts and trending content.

Now speaking of tools and platforms dedicated to music data, there are quite a few on the market. Though it happens that such services come usually at a cost for the most wanted statistics. Not with Chartex. is a free platform for music data and charts that aims to provide relevant and noteworthy updates on tracks, albums, and artists on a global level. Unlike Viberate, Soundcharts, or Chartmetric, Chartex provides hot topic music data at no cost. Let’s see a few popular chart examples you can enjoy for free:

And many more, and all the charts rank up the content by country, genre, and other labels.

Get a tour of to enjoy top music data and charts and find out what place do your favourites take in worldwide ranks.

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