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Why has Muzal become Tinder for music?

Swipe for music as you swipe for dates.

It’s been 5 months since our audience’s first swipe on Muzal. Fun journey all along, as our users have fallen in love with its features and feel like everything has become easier in regards to creating music playlists.

But the most interesting part so far is that they appreciate it as ‘Tinder for music’. Why so? Because Muzal helps you create your playlists intuitively by simply swiping left or right. Just how Tinder helps you create your match list by swiping – right for ‘yay!’, left for ‘nay!’. Simple. Quick. Fun.

Free music app for every smartphone, but better.

If you are new to the topic and don’t get what Muzal, this Tinder for music is, you should know it is a free music app with a generous pool of genre choices that turns creating playlists into Tinder-like music discovery. And our users just love this approach!

I love this app! ❤

It’s the best app to find new songs and customize playlists according to your preferences. Filtering options are something I’ve never encountered before. I really recommend you to install and use this application. 🔥

David Joseeeph May 16, 2021

Cool app

One of the coolest and freshest apps so far. I like the feature that allows you to see your playlist on your Youtube account as well. ❤🔥

Ashley Addams May 16, 2021

Start your journey with Muzal and be your own DJ.

We could talk about this forever, as we are improving the app continuously with your help and support.

Now that you want to be part of the journey, go to, App Store, or Google Play, download the app, and tell us how it feels like to explore and discover music with Muzal.

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